The Art of Healthcare

--- Chris Desmond ---

Getting better at the human side of healthcare. Join us as we learn how to connect better, how to show up better, and how to understand our patients and ourselves better.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Clinical bravery and person centered care

    The future of healthcare is person-centered care! What does that mean? And how do we do it? It involves having some clinical bravery. Bravery to understand the philosophy of how we practice and stay true to it. Bravery relinquish clinical control to others Bravery to continually reflect on how we could do better Bravery to consider ...


  2. Don't answer feelings with facts: frameworks for responding with empathy

    Empathy is important. The research points to this, and we're told to be more empathetic. BUT How do we actually do that? Dr Laura Rock joins the podcast to have a conversation about empathy in real clinical practice. We talk through The power of stories for teaching The importance of listening to patient stories Why we should ...


  3. Improving your communication with journalist turned physical therapist Jasmine Marcus

    Most of us been thinking and communicating health information for our entire adult lives. Some of us (including me) since before our brain was fully developed.   We'd like to think that we're doing a good job of conveying information to everyone else who hasn't had the depth ...


  4. The importance of creativity and preparation

    Creativity and preparation may seem to be strange bedfellows. After all one seems fluid while the other is rigid.   Tyson Franklin joins me to discuss why we need both (and how they can fit together) in order to be practicing at the top of our game.   ...


  5. Why you fail your patient if you only think of them as their health problem

    One reason for so many of our Healthcare advancements is our reductionist thinking about health. Tackling one small aspect at a time and solving it. It’s why we’ve got better at keeping people alive.   One reason that healthcare doesn't adequately address many of the health challenges facing ...