January 31, 2022


A journey of self-development

A journey of self-development
The Art of Healthcare
A journey of self-development

Jan 31 2022 | 01:00:33


Show Notes

We need to develop personally at least as much as we need to develop professionally if we want to deliver great healthcare.

I’m joined by Grant Downie OBE, medical and performance specialist consultant. He is also a physiotherapist and mentor for people wanting to improve their leadership and communication skills.

Today we talk through

  • Every day is a school day
  • Broadening our experiences through learning about others
  • Learning for curiosity NOT perfection
  • Advancing our learning past the fear of getting thring wrong
  • Pushing the boundaries and waiting for the science to catch up
  • Using scientific principles AND remember you are an artist
  • Why Grant has never treated an injury in his life
  • The art of changing the metaphor
  • Not using belittling language
  • Broadening our vision of the person past the pathology
  • Developing our emotional intelligence
  • Seeking help ourselves
  • Trying to solve problems we need to learn how to manage instead
  • Showing your own vulnerabilities
  • Not telling people how to see the world, but trying to understand how they see it
  • Understanding your strengths and working on them
  • Creating personal development plans as well as professional development plans
  • Figuring out how to treat the person opposite you the way they want to be treated

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