February 13, 2022


How to do Values based healthcare

How to do Values based healthcare
The Art of Healthcare
How to do Values based healthcare

Feb 13 2022 | 00:41:10


Show Notes

How well do you understand the values your patient holds? What do they care about besides just getting their problem fixed?

We can “fix” their problem AND not actually improve their lives or their health. BUT if we understand what matters to them then we are better able to fix their problem in a way that not only improves their health, but also improves their lives.

I’m joined by Eva Villalba for a conversation all about values based healthcare. We chat through

What is values based Healthcare?

The traditional ways we have been measuring healthcare and why they are outdated now

Providing healthcare through a broad lens

When and where the best place is to have a values led conversation

What it’s like as a patient not having your values taken into account

Giving information so people know what to expect and can plan for it

Giving people the tools to make informed decisions

Predicting and preventing future challenges from occurring

Why patients often don’t realise that they can talk about things other than their problem

Why Values based care is great for healthcare providers as well as patients

Why Values based conversations are important to continue over the whole course of treatment

How we can measure values based care

Why you shouldn’t measure what you are not going to change

How we develop patient partnerships at a micro, macro and meso level

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