January 16, 2022


Expanding our healthcare beliefs

Expanding our healthcare beliefs
The Art of Healthcare
Expanding our healthcare beliefs

Jan 16 2022 | 00:45:07


Show Notes

How have your beliefs about the healthcare you deliver evolved over the time you’ve been practicing?

What’s shaped that evolution?

How do you try to consciously evolve your beliefs?

Do you spend too much attention on the doing side of health that you miss the being side of health?

Mark Stolow, CJO of Huddol had a deep conversation with me about these questions and many more. And don’t worry, it wasn’t just questions, he offered up some great practical ways that we can answer them in our own practice.

In this episode we talk through

Healthcare is the art of honouring our state of being in the world

Our evolving understanding of health at our individual level

Our evolving understanding of health at a collective level

Improving health through improving ability to make sense of the world

How health providers fit into the being side of health and the doing side of health

Moving out of an either or mindset in regards to health

Incorporating science into our broader understanding of the human experience

There is no singular healthcare truth

How to operate from an integral perspective in healthcare

Baking a healthcare cake

Letting go of old beliefs that are no longer helpful

Why we shouldn’t just try and build a better mousetrap

What is informing who I believe I am?

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