October 30, 2021


Supported Self-Management

Supported Self-Management
The Art of Healthcare
Supported Self-Management

Oct 30 2021 | 00:41:54


Show Notes

When we are designing health programs, how often do we incorporate the lived experience of people who we are providing a service to?

Less often than we should I’d wager. Both at the individual interaction level and across the wider health system. We’re the experts right? What we think is best, is probably best isn’t it?

But health outcomes are getting worse, and the number of people suffering persistent health challenges seems to be exponentially increasing.

Pete Moore, creator and coach of the Pain toolkit joins us to talk about supported self-management, and where we can bring the most value to the lives of our patients.

Today we talk through

  • What is supported self management?
  • Why healthcare systems and teams need to include people with lived experience
  • Where healthcare professionals can bring the most value
  • Where healthcare professionals think they bring value – but actually don’t
  • What we get wrong
  • Why operating as a team is so important
  • Why healthcare systems need to focus on the upstream causes
  • How some healthcare providers make everyone else’s’ job harder
  • Why the self-management conversation needs to start on day 1


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