January 23, 2022


Health Equity and Humanistic Health Systems

Health Equity and Humanistic Health Systems
The Art of Healthcare
Health Equity and Humanistic Health Systems

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January 16, 2022

Expanding our healthcare beliefs

How have your beliefs about the healthcare you deliver evolved over the time you’ve been practicing? What’s shaped that evolution? How do you try to consciously evolve your beliefs? Do you spend too much attention on the doing side of health that you miss the being side of health? Mark Stolow, CJO of Huddol had a deep conversation with me about these questions and many more. And don’t worry, it wasn’t just questions, he offered up some great practical ways that we can answer them in our own practice. In this episode we talk through Healthcare is the art of honouring our state of being in the world Our evolving understanding of health at our individual level Our evolving understanding of health at a collective level Improving health through improving ability to make sense of the world How health providers fit into the being side of health and the doing side of health Moving out of an either or mindset in regards to health Incorporating science into our broader understanding of the human experience There is no singular healthcare truth How to operate from an integral perspective in healthcare Baking a healthcare cake Letting go of old beliefs that are no longer helpful Why we shouldn’t just try and build a better mousetrap What is informing who I believe I am? If you enjoyed this episode and want to dive deeper into learning these skills with likeminded health professionals then you’ll want to consider joining the Art of Healthcare Team ...




November 07, 2021

High Performance Healthcare

Can healthcare be high performance?….. Yes Should Healthcare be high performance?…… Most of the time What do you think about when you think about high performance healthcare? If you’re anything like the me who started out their healthcare career the first thing that pops to mind is probably a really high level of clinical skills. If I’m being honest it’s still often the thing that pops into my mind first because of the way the health system conditions us. Clinical skills are important but Liam Caswell joins us to discuss why you’ll never attain high performance if that’s all you focus on, and where true high performance comes from. The answers might surprise you (but after you’ve heard them you’ll probably say “Oh yeah, that makes sense”). This conversation covers a range of topics including Why we need support to achieve high performanceHow great healthcare teamwork is an artWhere social programming in healthcare holds us backSearching for our clinical identityThe importance of doing the inner workLooking after our mental healthThe power of hugsCreating psychologically safe workspacesStepping into leadership positionsWhat hold us back from seeking out leadership positionsWhy we shouldn’t focus on the HowCollecting all the certificatesWhy it’s dangerous to stay in our comfort zones ...



Episode 11

October 03, 2021

The importance of creativity and preparation

Creativity and preparation may seem to be strange bedfellows. After all one seems fluid while the other is rigid.   Tyson Franklin joins me to discuss why we need both (and how they can fit together) in order to be practicing at the top of our game.   Today we talk through How everyone has a creative streak How to cultivate your creativity  The role creativity plays in communication  Why you should seek out new experiences outside your profession  Brain books Creating a disaster folder Bringing a buffer zone into your day Using the concept your future self effectively  Preparing to be your best, in the worst situation The real reason Tyson has that ear ring  Bobcats fighting rattlesnakes  Everyone has a favourite super hero ...