Episode 1

July 24, 2021


Our Language shapes our landscape

Our Language shapes our landscape
The Art of Healthcare
Our Language shapes our landscape

Jul 24 2021 | 00:35:50


Show Notes

Most people don't speak medicine


This is a problem for us Health professionals because we've been trained to only speak medicine. This can unwittingly lead to a disconnect between us and our patients making healthy progress so much more difficult.


We're joined by Rachel Callander to help us bridge this divide - and #hottip it's up to us to do it, NOT our patients.


Rachel is a sought after healthcare communication trainer and speaker who comes from a place of lived experience 


We cover off

- Why it's difficult for us to explain health concepts simply

- Untraining our learnings

- Identifying our fear in communication

- Communicating for understanding (our own and our patients)

- Communicating for progress

- How to shift from jargon to empowering communication


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