Episode 9

September 19, 2021


Empowering patient partnerships

Empowering patient partnerships
The Art of Healthcare
Empowering patient partnerships

Sep 19 2021 | 00:40:14


Show Notes

The paradigm of (most) Healthcare professionals as the "fixer" is outdated. (Don't get me wrong I very much appreciate the surgeons who have put me back together when I've busted myself).



If we want to support healthier communities, then us as the health professional need to empower our patients to take control of their health, make the healthy choices, and live their healthy lives.



Jennifer George joins me to talk about how we can do that by entering into empowering patient partnerships.



We talk through;


Therapeutic relationships


How to create partnership


Engaging patients that are seeking for us to "fix" them


What happens when patients aren't empowered 


Flexing our empathy muscles


Why compassion, empathy, and communication are harder than a clinical skill, plus what to do about it


Why we need to believe in our patients



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