Episode 7

September 05, 2021


Delivering Authentic Healthcare

Delivering Authentic Healthcare
The Art of Healthcare
Delivering Authentic Healthcare

Sep 05 2021 | 00:28:50


Show Notes

I'd imagine most healthcare professionals view themselves as a giving person. After all, we're looking after patients day in day out. Most of us didn't get into it for the cash - although some may have.


We can just keep giving. Giving to our patients, giving to our colleagues, giving to systems that haven't been fully set up to support us. Giving can feel good, we feel like we're doing something worthwhile.


BUT if we just keep giving without question where does that lead us? We follow a career progression not of our own choosing. We give to a system that isn't designed to value us. When one patient goes another comes in to take their place and we start over. We stop giving to ourselves.


Nurse Jacqui O'Connor joins me on the podcast to talk about how we can do healthcare more authentically.

We talk through

- Burnout

- Setting our values

- Learning the tools of boundaries

 - Rubbing off on others

- Moral injury in  healthcare

- Enabling the system not to change

- Shame and guilt in healthcare

- Shaping a career path that aligns with who you are

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