Episode 4

August 15, 2021


Is healthcare curable?

Is healthcare curable?
The Art of Healthcare
Is healthcare curable?

Aug 15 2021 | 00:45:33


Show Notes

Anyone who has worked in healthcare long enough will recognise that there are parts of it that leave a bit to be desired, parts of it that are slightly broken, parts of it that are a bit sick.


BUT can they be cured?


Travis Christofferson is a health researcher and author of "Tripping over the truth" "Ketones, the fourth fuel" and "Curable"


With that last title, Travis investigates some of the areas that are broken, and some of the ways we can "cure" the healthcare system.

Strap in as we chat through

- Why we get into trouble if we soley rely on intuition

- That we're not as rational as we think we are

- How bias shows up in our decision making

- The incentives we respond to, even when we think we aren't

- How we can apply checks and balances to our intuition going awry

- Capping the downside of health problems

- What best practice is and how we can find it

- Moneyballing Medicine

- Advanced healthcare for the future

- Solving Zebra problems

- DIY fecal transplants 

- And how to think differently for the greater good

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